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Mint Lunicorn Head + Body

Mint is currently paused

Lunicorn minting is paused until next year!

By minting 1, you get 2 NFTs (Head + Body)

What are the Lunicorns?

The Lunicorn is Natural Born Degenz' genesis creation. Since birth its been a unicorn trapped inside a donkey. They are disturbed, degenerate, but somehow they proved themselves as kinda useful (see below)

Holder benefits

Lunicorn Head

Every Lunicorn mint gets you a Head. You didn't ask for a close-up, but you got it anyways. Now what? Make sure to lock it away asap by putting it in the Headlock. That way you are rid of it and at the same time can enjoy surprise airdrops of all sort.

Lunicorn Body

Every mint also grants you a Body. Staking your Lunicorn Body in the Stable yields you 6969 $NGMI per day. The more $NGMI you have, the higher you can bid on Degen Exchange NFT auctions. So what are you waiting for? Put that ugly beast in the Stable!

Shit either way

Don't think that minting 2 NFTs for the price of 1 will give you some sort of advantage. But if you end up aquiring them still, and put them into headlock and stable, make sure to spend your earned $NGMI in the mysterious Degen Exchange.

So what are you waiting for?

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