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Mint Gullible Seagulls

Mint is currently paused

Seagulls minting is paused until next year

What are the Gullible Seagulls?

Butch the Falcon raised a pair of abonadoned seagulls. The outcome is a heritage of 6296 delusional, alpha-gulls terrorizing the world, fighting their way to the very bottom.Read full story

Holder benefits


As you know seagulls are annoying af and like to spread shit, or spreadshit. These are no exception! Each will shit $NGMI when «flocked» - the bigger the flock the more each will shit!

Let them chill

Seagulls are perfect by nature - at least that's what THEY think! Some gulls are too proud to «flock» with others: you might want to respect their aloofness and just let them chill in your wallet - to flex and to immidately get the needed space.

No regrets

Once you shed those last shreds of decency and say goodbye to any and all regrets you may still be holding onto...and embrace your full blown degeneracy. Use those worthless $NGMIs to get other Elrond NFTs from our amazing treasury.

So what are you waiting for?

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